Research and Development

This is the department that in charged with the implementation of all the community based projects which goes concurrently with data collection for action research. This department is composed of several staff including the Project Managers and the project officers (Group facilitators). Upon establishment of a new RIPAT (community economic development) project, plans are set to establish baseline data, set group/FFS plots in experiential learning and monitoring/midterm evaluations and then end of project data collection which enables to qualify and quantify scientifically the project performance/impact. Action researches (case studies) are carried for various purposes related with food security and nutrition, poverty reduction (income) and environmental conservation. Success stories, best practices and documentaries are captured for reference and public sharing by bring field reality into perspectives.

Project Management and supervision


1. Management

There are RIPAT project managers who are responsible with overall project management, implementation, monitoring and reporting. The manager is one of the well experienced and competent RECODA staff/consultant. They plan and is part of the team as it deems necessary and also impart knowledge and skills to the facilitators on the ground.


2. Supervision

Facilitate training of trainer (ToTs)/community based experts who facilitate some of the project activities on behalf of RECODA staff Form a RIPAT project committee which will monitor the course of project implementation Use of district extension staff in some occasions to reduce the cost charged by RECODA consultancy and as the way of collaboration viewing mainstreaming and project sustainability.