Farmers in Kinyenze village at Mlali ward in Mvomero District and Towelo Street at Mlimani ward, Morogoro Municipality graduated on 4th and 5th April 2022 respectively after successful completion of their Farmer Market School (FMS) training sponsored by DANIDA and Blue Marsh Society through ADRA Denmark. The farmers have been trained under Kilimo na Masoko-Farming for the Market project, which is being implemented by ADRA Tanzania, RECODA and SUA. There has been a positive response from the farmers and they have benefited greatly. Their slogan is “Kilimo na Masoko; tunaanzia sokoni tunazalisha shambani kwa mapato zaidi” which means that , “we start from the market, we produce in the field, for higher income.”

Kilimo na Masoko is a two-year (Nov 2020-Oct 2022) pilot project being implemented in Morogoro Municipal Council and Mvomero Districts. The expected impact of the project is: Improved livelihood of smallholder farmers as a result of combining Farmer Market School (FMS) approach and Rural Initiatives for Participatory Agricultural Transformation (RIPAT) approach. It is expected that, as a result of the project, smallholder farmers will become progressive and empowered market actors that make informed decisions relating to production and marketing that increase household income through agriculture-based economic growth.

                                                                      Twidike group members seated during the graduation.


                                                                          Group members dancing during their graduation.


         The secretary of the group shaking hand with the Official Guest of the ceremony, Ms. Zinduna Kondo, Mlimani ward Councilor.

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